Triticale Plus Fall Organic

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An organic mixture of winter triticale and annual ryegrass.

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Triticale Plus Fall organic is a winter annual mixture that combines the strengths of improved forage triticale and Italian or annual ryegrass. The triticale adds agronomic stability for those not experienced with growing ryegrasses and more bulk for easier silo filling and unloading. The ryegrass in the mixture adds higher fiber digestibility (NDFd) and sugar content.

The productive mixture can be used as a double crop followed with BMR forage sorghum-sudan or corn silage. Tritical Plus is an excellent choice to no-till fall seed into thinning alfalfa and cut one or two cuttings the following spring. Most growers will only use the ryegrass if they are doing more than one cut since it can be difficulty to terminate after only one cut.

  • Mixture of Fall Trit OR and Annual ryegrass OR has fast growth and is more winter hardy
  • It is easier to cut with a cutter bar than ryegrass alone and blows into a silo better


Triticale Plus gives flexibility for grazing or haylage or baleage. It works very well for double cropping after corn silage or no-tilled into old alfalfa stands in early fall in order to increase the following year’s tonnage and quality in the first cutting.

Apply 30 units of N at planting. In early spring, at greenup, apply an additional 40-60 units of N to maximize tonnage and protein. Caution: Allelopathy, could affect the next crop unless either some light tillage is done or a large amount of liquid manure is applied.


Seed at 70-100 pounds per acre and drill at 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep.

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