Reeds Canarygrass

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Great for wet soils. A low alkaloid variety.  Slow to establish, but very persistent once established. 

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Reed Canarygrass is a cool-season perennial grass. A low alkaloid variety that is slow to establish. Very persistent once established it spreads by rhizomes.  It can reach 6-8 feet tall in fertile soil if not grazed or cut. Start to graze when height reaches 10-12 inches. When cutting/grazing leave at least 5- 6 inches of stubble.  Does well in wet soils that are prone to flooding. Is also one of the most drought tolerate of cool season grasses. 


Plant in spring or early fall. When planted in the spring it needs a clean moist seedbed. Less weed competition if planted in the fall. Plant no deeper than 1/2 inch. Seed rate at 18-25 lbs/A. A soil test is recommended for fertilization needs. An annual application of nitrogen is usually beneficial.  

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