Pratex Black Oats

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Pratex is a true black oat which help control certain nematode varieties. Get yours here!

Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 70 to 90 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 5, 6 Brand:

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Pratex is a true black oat of the species Avena strigosa. Black oats have lead the cover crop for nematode control. The nematode controlling attributes of Pratex black oats do not require the crop be plowed down to be effective. This means that Pratex black oats can also be utilized for valuable forage. Pratex establish quickly and have an extensive, fibrous root system. It will winter kill easier that Casque oats. 

  • Reduces stubby root knot nematode which is important in potatoes
  • Reduces root lesion nematodes which is important in many agricultural crops
  • Rapid early development (faster than ryegrass)
  • Can be used for quality forage
  • Soil protection from wind and water erosion
  • Extensive fibrous root system
  • Increases soil organic matter when incorporated into the soil

Best planting dates in the Midwest are late July to  September. Plant 70-90 lbs./A. Plant 3/4″ – 1 1/2″ deep. For best results fertilize 30-70 lbs. of nitrogen/acre.

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