KF Sugar Pro 55 SS Organic BMR 6

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BMR 6 dry stalk sorghum sudan. Very fine stemmed. Can be used like 9301.

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The new Sudangrass hybrids are very aggressive, drought tolerant summer annuals. They emerge quicker and have faster regrowth. Finer stems can give superior quality with the same tonnage as SS. KF Sugar Pro 55 has a higher NDFD than conventional hybrids. 

  • Dry stalk gene
  • Grazing, baleage, haylage
  • High tillering
  • Drought tolerant
  • High quality summer forage BMR gene for high digestibility
  • Easy doublecropping with cool season annual grasses and legumes
  • Mixtures with warm season grasses and legumes


Sudangrass is establish but does require 60 Degree F soil temperatures (and rising). It can be grazed or cut for baleage or haylage with an optimum harvest height at 40 inches. Sudangrass can be made for dry hay in the southern zones but it must be cut by 30″  to achieve dry down. It responds well to applied fertility or manure. Timely cutting (45 days after planting and 30 days for subsequent cuts) is important as quality will decline as it reaches maturity.


Seeding rates are 25-40 lb/acre. Seeding at the higher rates provides the best yield and weed suppression. Seeding depth is 3/4″ to 1″ deep. It is best to get the seed into the moisture. If inter-seeding into existing hay or pasture stand, make sure the grass is cut short to achieve good establishment.  

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Weight 50 lbs