Kakariki White Clover

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Later maturing, features huge leaves, and grows many stolons for great persistence.

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Kakariki white clover is new in our clover lineup. Kakariki is a late maturing intermediate white clover, with some characteristics of Ladino (big leaves) and some of Dutch White Clover (lots of stolons). More leaves mean higher yields and more stolons equal better persistence.  Kakariki white clover is great for hay and grazing. White clover is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Kakariki is a good producer of high-quality feed and is utilized extensively as a soil building crop. It helps reduce erosion due to it’s vigorous root system.  Planting Kakariki bring in the pollinators and wildlife. Ladino also produces large amounts of nitrogen, which in turns feeds the grass sward within the pasture. Perennial Kakariki white clover has multiple uses. 


 Ladino clover planted with perennial grasses should be grazed or mowed frequently (2 or 3 times per summer) with the final mowing in late August. Fertilizer should be applied throughout the year. To manage the bloat risk associated with ladino clovers, manage your pasture swards with no more than a 10% stand of clover. Do not overgraze the grasses below 4 inches for this increases the clover concentration.


White clover will thrive on soils with a pH of 5.5 or higher. Both white and ladino clover need adequate phosphorus and potassium for establishment, persistence and growth. White clover is especially responsive to cool, moist conditions. It grows best between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F.

Because of its shallow root system, it is not adapted to shallow droughty soils. Ladinos can be broadcasted, frost-seeded, or drilled into soil. Seed depth should not exceed 0.25 inch. Broadcasting seed rating is 3-5 lbs./acre. Drilled is 1-3 lbs./acre. If using in mixes 1-2 lbs./acre. 

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