Friendly Fescue Foundation

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A mixture of 90% tall fescue, 5% bluegrass and 5% orchardgrass for a foundational beef pasture mix that will last for years.  Get Yours Here!

Weight: 25 lbs Seed Rate: 25 to 25 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 4, 5, 6 Brand:

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Friendly Fescue Foundation is to body build, high energy, highly digestible, highly palatable fescue that maximizes health and growth in cattle. This fescue blend in not a temporary fix. It is a foundation for decade long high production and durability that can make beef farming profitable and enjoyable. Can be used for horse pasture or hay.  Under good management, the endophyte-free varieties used can easily last 10 years.  Mixes are versatile and more forgiving of adverse soil and climate conditions than monocultures. 

  • Mixture of 90% tall fescue (60% features a friendly endophyte)
  • 5% orchard grass and 5% forage bluegrass

Example: 40% Tower Protek, 20% BarOptima Plus E-34, 30% Martin 2, 5% Quickdraw OG, 5% Balin BG; May vary upon availability. 


Use the equivalent of about 40 pounds of N to kick-start the seedlings. Clip the pasture when the seedlings are about 6-8 inches high to encourage density. Do not graze until firmly rooted. Rotational grazing is best to promote persistence. Manure or fertilizer in the fall will help with winter hardiness. 


An early fall planting is best using a Brillion seeder or drilled 0.25 inch deep into a well prepared seedbed. If a Brillion seeder or drill is not available, the seed can be broadcast and rolled firm with a cultipacker. We do not recommend broadcasting. Make sure weeds are controlled before establishment. Spring planting is possible but competition must be suppressed. Most of the Upper Midwest is spring planted. 



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Weight 25 lbs