Fleet Meadow Brome Organic

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Brome grass better suited for pasture. Excellent drought tolerance. Better regrowth than smooth brome with rhizomes.

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Bromegrass is a diverse family with species that range from annuals to long lived perennials. All bromes are large-seeded and care must be taken to make sure the seed doesn’t bridge in the drill. Also, Bromes need to be seeded at the correct depth. Broadcasting is not recommended. 

  • More tolerant to grazing and higher in both yield and forage quality
  • It has excellent palatability and is a super dry-weather grass
  • Heading date similar to mid-range orchardgrass


Bromegrass requires high fertility levels and well-drained soils. Recommended seeding depth is 1/2 inch. Seeding rates is 25-35 lbs/A and in mixes 10-20 lbs/A.  Graze Fleet Meadow Brome when height reaches 8-10 inches. Overgrazing could hurt pasture yields. Stop grazing when stubble is 4 inches. Fertilize based on soil tests. A balance rate of nitrogen and phosphorus may be needed.

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