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Tower ProTek  tall fescue from DLF seeds that has the novel endophyte. It is great for grazing and very late heading. Buy yours here!

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Tower ProTek tall fescue from DLF seeds offered by Byron Seeds is a unique tall fescue that overcomes the negative features of older cultivars, and the limitations often found with perennial ryegrass.  

At trial sites, animals prefer to eat Tower ProTek over other ryegrasses because of how soft and palatable Tower tall fescue is. This makes Tower ProTek easy to manage and results in excellent animal performance in beef cattle, lambs, and dairy cows. It is easier than older fescues to maintain leafy and high quality pasture in late spring and summer due to the very late heading date (up to 28 days later) and palatable leaf.

Previous clump-forming cultivars with soft leaves have not persisted well due to over-grazing in dry conditions.  Tower ProTek breaks this link between palatability and persistence because it has a low growing point and dense/spreading growth habit, quickly forming a dense matt over the soil. Tower ProTek is a new and better option for those already using tall fescue, and for farmers wishing to overcome the limitations of perennial ryegrass in many of our environments.  It is available with Protek, an animal-safe endophyte that increases insect tolerance and makes Tower ProTek persistent in all regions.

  • Novel Endophyte tall fescue (completely safe for livestock)
  • Palatable with soft leaves and easy to graze
  • Persistent, with excellent grazing tolerance with high tiller density
  • Excellent animal performance
  • Very late heading date


Tower ProTek is suited to all fertile soils and has even better tolerance of wet soils and flooding than ryegrass, soils are also less likely to get pugged once it is fully established. Suggested seed rate for Tower ProTek tall fescue is 25 to 30 lb/acre.

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