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Slezanka Kentucky Bluegrass Seed is used in many of mixes because amazing summer performance and wide leaves. Buy yours here!

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Slezanka is another product of the DLF breeding program in the Czech Republic. DLF has reintroduced this great variety just for Byron Seeds. Slezanka is unlike any other bluegrass. It is tall and very dense, giving it great productivity. If there is moisture, it will stay green and grow through the summer almost as well as tall fescue. Its excellent summer performance has amazed us time and time again. The wide leaves of Slezanka make it less dense than other bluegrasses but we feel this is a benefit in many of our mixtures.


Native bluegrass is one of the most common species in pastures. It is a short, very dense with dark green leaves with “boat” shaped leaf tips. Native varieties can take over heavily grazed pastures. Improved varieties are more manageable and highly palatable, except at the advanced-maturity stage. Bluegrass spreads with rhizomes to form a sod and is very persistent under heavy grazing. This feature makes Kentucky bluegrass highly suitable for horse pastures.


Slow to establish with a 21-28 day germination period. Plant at 1/8 to 1/4 inch depth in a very firm seed bed. Spreads rapidly after establishment because of the rhizomatous nature.


Typically, 70% of bluegrass production is before June. Therefore, early heavy grazing prevents over mature, low quality forage. Keeping a stubble height at 3 to 4 inches encourages proper regrowth.

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