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Persister Bromegrass Seed easily out yields other cool season grass species and its cold tolerance for an active species is unique.Buy yours here!

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Prairie Brome provides a high quality pasture throughout the year. Crude protein levels are approximately 1-2% higher than perennial ryegrass. Dense tillers and a soft, palatable leaf make it perfect for rotational grazing, and rapid re-growth makes it great for hay crops as well. Persister prefers not to be stockpiled in winter, but we do advise continuous rotational grazing for maximum productivity. 

Persister is a problem solver for producers who are in climates with moderate dry seasons or supplemental irrigation. Its production out-yields other cool season grass species hands down. Its significantly improved cold tolerance for such a highly active species is quite unique. Traditional varieties of Prairie Brome can be successfully used as short-lived perennials in US hardiness zones 6-9. Persister can be taken one zone farther north (zone 5). This greatly increases its potential market area and puts it another foot ahead of the competition for persistence. 

Seasonal growth patterns for Persister begin when winter soil temperatures reach near 40-45 F. During the heat and drought of summer, it will continue to produce if there’s moisture to be had. As summer turns to fall, and fall to winter,it remains active until temperatures dive into the 20’s.

Prairie Bromegrass (Bromus catharticus or wildenowil), also called ‘Rescue grass’ in the US has become an important and useful forage grass species during the last ten years. Prairie brome is an erect, open-crowned and active species. Its high palatability, tolerance to rotational grazing, and winter-active habit is a great advantage in areas of mild winter climates. In areas with severe winters Prairie Brome may act as a reseeding annual. It has found acceptance among producers in both types of climate.


There are at least three major families of bromegrass: Smooth, Meadow and Mountain or Alaskan. However, only two of these, Meadow and Mountain, have been improved by European breeding programs. Improved bromegrass is quick to establish and provides a high quality, high yielding forage that works well as a companion with alfalfa. 


Recommended seeding depth is 1/4″ to 1/2″ and seeding rates of 25-35 lbs/Acre or 10-20 lbs/Acre in mixes. Brome grasses have larger seed size than other grasses so attention to drill calibration is important. The growth patterns of Brome grasses, in general, do well when planted as a companion with alfalfa.


Bromegrass requires high fertility levels and well-drained soils. Bromes will persist if allowed to go to seed once every season.

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