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Fojtan Festolium Seed from DLF, Byron, and KingsAgri is very high yielding with strong persistence, drought resistance and tolerance to some flooding. Buy yours here!

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Product Description

Robust and persistent

Fojtan Festulolium was bred in the DLF Festulolium breeding program located in the Czech Republic.  Fojtan is the result of a cross between Italian Ryegrass and Tall Fescue. The appearance of Fojtan is much like tall fescue and the two species share many properties including very high yields with strong persistence, drought resistance and tolerance to periodical flooding. The primary difference is the higher feed values of Fojtan.

Forage quality

The feed values (energy concentration) of Fojtan is better than Tall Fescue, but not at the level of Perennial Ryegrass. In a mixture with ryegrasses and/or white clover, Fojtan will, however, produce forage that is very well suited for many situations.

Later than Hykor

Fojtan is similar to Hykor, but ear-emergence will be 6-8 days later. This makes Fojtan a perfect partner in mixtures with intermediate diploid perennial ryegrass, where Fojtan improves persistency and drought tolerance.

  • Very high DM yield
  • Suited for grazing
  • Better feed value than tall fescue
  • Adapted to dry and wet conditions

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