Braco White Mustard or VNS

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Braco White Mustard Seed controls sugar beet cyst nematodes and decomposes into fumigants found in commercial products.

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Product Description

Braco was bred in Europe for control of sugar beet cyst nematodes and it works very well for that purpose. Subsequent testing has revealed that Braco also contains high levels of a compound called glucosinolate, which breaks down in the soil into compounds similar to those found in commercial soil fumigants. Therefore Braco has seen extensive use with vegetable and fruit growers to control soil nematodes. Research is ongoing to determine Braco’s effectiveness against other pests and weed seeds.

  • Suppresses nematodes and weed seed germination
  • Usually winter kills except in the south
  • Can be frost seeded
  • Great nitrogen scavenger, up to 200 lbs/A if available

Other benefits of Braco include extremely fast growth which forms a dense canopy to choke out weeds. The deep root system of Braco does a great job of recycling nutrients that may have leached past the root zone of crop plants as well. As with all brassicas, Braco is high in Sulfur, which can become available to the subsequent crop when the mustard is incorporated into the soil. Do not allow the mustard to go to seed or it could become a field contaminant. The best time to incorporate mustard is at the onset of blossoming.

Braco White Mustard

Braco White Mustard establishes very rapidly, helping to suppress weeds and act as a ground cover. The deep tap root grows to a depth of 3 feet, helping break up soil and scavenge nutrients. Braco White Mustard works great as a biofumigant and suppresses verticillium in potato.


Drill 1/2 inch deep at 8-10 lbs/A or 3-5 lbs in mixes. Can be broadcast at the higher rate and rolled. Incorporate or kill after flowering for best biofumigant effect.


Braco White Mustard is a cover crop that can be planted in early spring or early fall in the south if you want it to over winter. Braco White Mustard kills at about 25 degrees. Mixes well with triticale, rye, and hairy vetch. It works extremely well as a nematode suppressor and as a natural bio-fumigant. Use in rotation with wheat, bean, and potato.

Braco White Mustard Tech Sheet

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