Cache Meadow Brome

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Cache Meadow Brome is better suited for pasture. Excellent drought tolerance. 

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Cache Meadow Brome grass is better suited for pasture. Excellent drought tolerance. Better regrowth than smooth brome with rhizomes. 

Bromegrass is a diverse family with species that range from annuals to long lived perennials. In our program, we concentrate on improved bromes that give increased yield and faster emergence than some other varieties. All bromes are large-seeded and care must be taken to make sure the seed doesn’t bridge in the drill. Also Bromes need to be seeded at the correct depth. Broadcasting is not recommended.


Bromegrass requires high fertility levels and well-drained soils. Recommended seeding depth is 1/2 inch. Seeding rate is 30-40 lbs/A and 10-20 lbs/acre in mixes. 

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