Byron’s Fiber Pro 76A BMR 6

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Byron’s FS 76A is the newest genetics for a full season, brachytic dwarf aphid-tolerant forage sorghum. Check it out!

Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 8 to 12 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand:

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The newest addition to Byron Seeds line up is Byron’s FS 76A. Byron’s FS 76A has the newest genetics. It is a full season, brachytic dwarf BMR 6 aphid-tolerant forage sorghum. 


Energy from sugar! We’re talking about sugar cane for cows, known as silage sorghum. Energy from digestible fiber. We’re definitely talking about gene 6 BMR forage sorghum. BMR Gene 6 forage sorghum is a naturally bred-in trait and is non-GMO. Forage sorghum, a row crop handled very much like corn silage, offers a replacement for corn silage or multi-cut sorghum-sudans at a much lower seed cost. 

Since Byron’s FS 76A is brachytic dwarf it has more leaves and less stalk (the leaf nodes are much closer together). In addition, brachytic dwarfs tend to exhibit more tillering, along with the extra leaves, to more than make up for the shorter height. Brachytic dwarfs are also much less vulnerable to lodging from high winds. Agronomic Advantages:

  • Yields similar to corn silage
  • 33% less water and nutrients per ton of forage production than corn silage
  • Productive on marginal soils
  • Drought and heat tolerant, won’t shut down until 105 degree F
  • Minimal mycotoxin concerns
  • No root worm or corn borer concerns
  • Aphid-tolerant variety


Forage sorghum is usually direct-cut with a forge harvester. The one struggle is having the forage dry enough to chop and store without having too much sorghum grain. The grain fills from top to bottom on the panicle (head) and becomes very hard with ripening, so the starch of the ripe grain will not be very digestible. 


Byron’s FS 76A is planted (after 60 degrees F soil temps are reached) with a corn planter adapted for low-output sorghum, since seeding rates are 8 – 12 lbs./A. Forage sorghum can be planted in 15 or 30 inch rows. 

Forage sorghums emerges in about 10 days, after which the plants grow from 3 to 6 inches a day, depending on whether the temperature stays over about 70 degrees F. Sorghums will not grow below 60 degrees F, but they will not deteriorate like corn at temps above 105 degrees F. When the temperature moderates a bit, the sorghum recovers quickly. 


Byron’s Fiber Pro 76A BMR 6 Tech Sheet


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