Smooth Brome

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Smooth Brome Bromegrass Seed although slow starting it spreads by rhizomes making the stand last a long time. Great horse hay, buy yours here!

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Smooth bromes are great for shale hillsides that are hayed. Smooth bromes are slow starters, but spread by rhizomes (underground stems). Once a stand is started, and it is not abused by cutting prior to heading, it should last a long time. Forage quality is very good, but not as high as our other bromes. Makes great horse hay.


There are at least three major families of bromegrass: Smooth, Meadow and Mountain or Alaskan. However, only two of these, Meadow and Mountain, have been improved by European breeding programs. Improved bromegrass is quick to establish and provides a high quality, high yielding forage that works well as a companion with alfalfa. 


Recommended seeding depth is 1/4″ to 1/2″ and seeding rates of 25-35 lbs/Acre or 10-20 lbs/Acre in mixes. Brome grasses have larger seed size than other grasses so attention to drill calibration is important. The growth patterns of Brome grasses, in general, do well when planted as a companion with alfalfa.


Bromegrass requires high fertility levels and well-drained soils. Bromes will persist if allowed to go to seed once every season.

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