Myco Seed Treatment

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Myco Seed Treat is a complete microbial seed treatment package with dormant beneficial microorganisms and an initial food source. Buy yours here!

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Product Description

Myco Seed Treat is a complete organic microbial seed treatment package that includes a high concentration of dormant beneficial microorganisms and an initial food source. Included are free-living and symbiotic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae, and mycorrhizal fungi. Once the seed is planted, the microbes start to grow and multiply. The crop benefits by the microorganisms freeing up nutrients and extending the reach of the crop root. In addition, they compete against detrimental microbes. The microbes benefit by living off root exudates (dead materials and sugars). The end result is better soil cycling, more uniform stands and increased plant growth. Myco Seed Treat works on all crops. In corn, increased yields of 12 bu. have been reported.

Myco is approved for use on organic operations by the USDA.

Application Rates Per 100 Ibs of Seed
Small Grains 2 oz
Grass 4-6 oz
Alfalfa 6-8 oz
Corn 4 oz

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