KingFisher KF Beef Builder

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KingFisher KF Beef Builder Pasture Mixes from Byron Seeds was designed to be very high in quality and stand up to heavy grazing pressure.

Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 25 to 35 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand: SKU: 523-PM10

Product Description

Byron’s KingFisher KF Beef Builder was designed to be very high in quality and stand up to heavy grazing pressure. This is a very good mix for finishing beef on grass, growing stockers or for cows with calves by their sides.

  • Excellent to finish beef
  • High sugar quality
  • Super yielder
  • Will withstand heavy grazing traffic

KingFisher KF Beef Builder

Using KingFisher KF Beef Builder on your farm is a smart move. It is versatile and more forgiving to adverse soil and climate conditions than monocultures. Beef Builder usually provides better nutrition and yield across the growing season. However, pastures need good management to be able to optimize the potential. Regular mowing and fertilizing are just as important as rotational grazing in maintaining a proper pasture balance.


KingFisher KF Beef Builder use early fall planting is best seeding or drilled 1/4 inch deep into a well prepared seed bed. If a seeder or drill is not available, the seed can be broadcast and rolled firm with a cultipacker. Make sure weeds are controlled before establishment. Spring planting is possible but competition must be suppressed. Most of the upper Midwest is Spring planted.


With KingFisher KF Beef Builder use the equivalent of about 40 pounds of N to kick-start the seedlings. Clip the pasture when the seedlings are about 6 to 8 inches high to encourage density. Do not graze until firmly rooted. Rotational grazing is best to promote persistence. Manure or fertilizer in the fall will help with winterhardiness.

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