KingFisher 425HD Alfalfa

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KingFisher 425HD from Byron Seeds is one of the most highly digestible (HD) varieties found anywhere on the market.

Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 18 to 22 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand: SKU: 1183-AA16

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KingFisher 425HD from Byron Seeds is one of the most highly digestible (HD) varieties found anywhere on the market. After more than 12 years of selected breeding, KingFisher 425HD is designed for increased digestibility (NDFD). This was accomplished not by reducing the lignin content of the plant, but by crossing plants with naturally high cellulose and hemicellulose. The end result, astonishing high NDFd48 and NDFd240. The KingFisher 425HD variety ranks highly for alfalfa that can withstand the cold, with a winterhardiness of 2.5. KF 425HD, as with other legumes, fixes most of its own nitrogen and will perform strongly for 3 to 4 years.


KingFisher 425HD alfalfa can be planted in the spring or late summer, but we recommend late summer whenever possible. Planting depth should be 0.25 to 0.50 inches with good soil contact. If spring sown, a nurse crop of grass or small grain is recommended to maximize the tonnage in the seeding year. We usually recommend seeding grass with KingFisher 425HD alfalfa to give a higher tonnage and better quality feed for the life of the stand. KingFisher 425HD alfalfa exhibits autotoxicity, which means established plants, generally older than 6 months, give off compounds that prevent new alfalfa seedlings from establishing.


Once established, KingFisher 425HD alfalfa stand can last for many years. Many modern varieties can handle 28 day cutting schedules and in fact, some elite varieties need that type of management to perform their best. One very critical aspect of KingFisher 425HD alfalfa management is knowing when to take the last cutting in the fall. By using Growing Degree Days (GDD) you can determine the best time to take the last fall cutting. An early fall cut can be taken as long as the plants can accumulate more than 500 GDD to replenish root reserves. A late fall cutting can be taken as long as no more than 200 GDD will accumulate before killing frost (25°F).

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