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Fridge Triticale produces more tillers if planted before vernalization, has soft leaves, regrows quickly, and water soluble lignite. Buy yours here!

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FRIDGE™ Triticale is a hybrid crossed between cereal rye and durum wheat, combining the best qualities of both. It is later maturing than other small grains, has high protein content, high lysene content and provides excellent biomass production.

FRIDGE™ triticale has been chosen by Cover Crop Solutions as another great variety to use as a cover crop. It’s outstanding features include aggressive root system, winter hardiness, and early season prostrate growth – which gives it superior ground covering, weed suppressing abilities. Other noticeable features are it’s deep, dark-green color, wide leaves and healthy plant. All of these features point to its attractiveness as a cover crop. These features also lead to its being investigated for its potential as a forage in dairy rations. This information was gathered in Southeast PA on 2 farms that applied manure in the fall of 2012 before planting and top-dressed with 60 units of Nitrogen early March of 2013.


The Organic TRICAL® breeding program has been developed over the last 30 years with a focus on quality. The triticale varieties Byron Seeds have selected are the best in the industry with a research and breeding program to back them. These varieties have been tested extensively to ensure that we have the highest fiber digestibility possible while still maintaining maximum yield. We have selected these varieties because we understand that high quality forage is imperative to stay competitive in the dairy/beef industry.


Triticale can be utilized in grazing or haylage operation. It has a wider window of harvest then most cereal grains allowing it to be more versatile in inclement weather while maintaining excellent quality. When cutting, lay it in a wide swath to get maximum drying. If proper fertility is applied, triticale will yield up to 2.5 tons of DM/A (6 tons of high quality feed).


Seeding rates are 100 to 120 lbs per acre. Seed should be placed 1 to 1.5 inch in a firm seedbed. If using a drill chart Wheat is comparable. In the case of no-till make certain the existing vegetation is properly killed.

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