Arvika or 4010 Peas

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Arvika or 4010 Peas from Byron Seeds is a high yielding, good forage quality pea with lavender flowers on a very tall plant. Buy yours now!

Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 100 to 100 lbs/acre Stock Status: In Stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand: SKU: 1046-PE10

Product Description

Premium forage peas with very high yields and digestibility. 

  • Rapid spring growth
  • Plant as early as you can get in the field
  • Produces over 100 lbs nitrogen
  • Excellent forage

This long vine (up to 60”), full-leaf pea has been the standard in the forage industry. Arvika is a high yielding, good forage quality pea. Arvika produces lavender flowers on a very tall plant. Arvika produces small seed size (~3500 seeds/lb.) with very durable seed-coats and excellent seedling vigor. A small percentage of the seed will remain dormant (hard) and emerge in subsequent years. Therefore it is important to avoid planting food-grade (yellow or green) pea varieties on ground planted to Arvika for several years (5 to 7). (Pulse USA)

Arvika Peas

Arvika field peas are excellent nitrogen fixers and establish quickly, providing good ground cover. Arvika Peas are usually mixed with oats, barley, or triticale and are excellent source of high protein forage. Arvika spring pea, do best planted as early as you can get into the field in the spring.


Plant Arvika peas 1 inch deep at a rate of 30-100 lbs/Acre depending on the mix. If nitrogen and protein are the goal, plant more Arvika peas than small grains.  Plant Arvika peas as soon as you are able to work the fields. Expect Arvika peas to grow rapidly in the spring and ready for harvest or incorporation in about 60 days.


Arvika Peas like cool weather and languish in heat and drought. Arvika Peas like a wide variety of well drained soils. They are almost always planted with small grains such as oats and are usually used as a dual purpose cover and forage crop. Inoculate to ensure good nitrogen production.

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