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TF-33 Tall Fescue Seed from Barenbrug Seeds contains semi-prostrate leaves that contain a higher percentage of dry matter with less lignin.

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Product Description

TF-33 is a unique blend of intermediate maturing tall fescue cultivars. TF-33 is formulated for hay producers and is also suited for grazing. The blend is optimized for high dry matter production with varieties that have good digestibility and palatability. TF-33 is endophyte free and consists of varieties with high rust tolerance.

TF-33 is a blend of genetically improved tall fescue varieties developed by Barenbrug’s world respected plant breeders. The selected varieties produce a blend which is quick to establish and highly palatable. Its softer, narrower, semi-prostrate leaves contain a higher percentage of dry matter with less lignin than other tall fescues. This makes TF-33 more attractive to cattle and therefore, can improve live weight gains and milk production.

  • High yielding
  • Out-competes weeds and resistant to most foliar diseases
  • Extremely drought and heat tolerant
  • Excellent choice for non irrigated pasture
  • Endophyte-free

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue can grow in wet conditions well but is also very drought tolerant. On dairy farms tall fescue is a fabulous addition to the hay portfolio and on beef operations in the Midwest it remains the foundation of pasture systems. In the past number of years, tall fescue has made many appearances at the World Dairy Expo Forage Super Bowl! While tall fescue has long been thought of as a Southern grass, more recently it has shown it can thrive in Wisconsin and Minnesota! Our suppliers are heavily invested in tall fescue breeding programs and bring us a wide selection of varieties for the various situations we face throughout the Midwest. Note: All varieties are endophyte free (except BarOptima).


Tall fescue is fairly easy to establish, but remember, a good seed bed is at the heart of excellent stands of hay or pasture. It can be no-tilled into existing alfalfa stands (.25 to .50 inches deep) immediately after harvest. (Talk to your dealer about the proper timing for your area.) When seeding in a prepared seed bed, make sure sufficient packing has been done before and after seed is put down. Also, 20 to 30 units of N at seeding is necessary for a faster establishment.


Tall fescue can be planted with alfalfa, with grass hay mixes, or simply in mono-culture for hay or pasture systems. Remember that tall fescue, like most cool season grasses, stores 90% of food for regrowth after harvest in the bottom 2 to 2.5 inches of the stem. This means that for maximum growth and production at least 3 to 4 inches of stubble should remain after harvest. Also, for top yield, we recommend 1 to 1.5 lbs of available N for each day of growth. Tall fescue can tolerate less than ideal fertility but, like most crops, it gives best yield and quality in balanced soils. Tall fescue is the best grass for stockpile grazing.

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