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STF-43 is an innovative blend of premiere soft-leaf tall fescues which produce impressive yields with high levels of digestible fiber. This blend is the result of Barenbrug’s forage analyses program which measure NDF (neutral detergent fiber) and NDFd (NDF digestibility). Barenbrug identified significant differences in the amount of fiber and its digestibility between varieties and formulated STF-43 with the highest amounts of digestible fiber. STF-43 provides energy derived from highly digestible fiber that not only increases productivity but also promotes rumen health. STF-43 is late-maturing, endophyte-free and well-suited for hay and haylage production as well as grazing. STF-43 is an excellent choice for interplanting with alfalfa.

  • Soft-leaf, late-maturing
  • Yields equal to or greater than alfalfa
  • High amounts of digestible fiber
  • High palatability
  • Excellent persistence

STF-43 is well-suited for a wide range of applications. Its improved palatability and digestibility make it a good selection for high producing livestock. STF-43 is well-suited for hay and silage production and also performs well when planted with a legume. For grazing, seed with a large-leaved white clover such as Alice. For silage or hay, seed with a premium red clover such as Freedom! or a high quality alfalfa adapted to your region. Because of its late maturity and high quality, STF-43 makes an excellent companion with alfalfa. Inter-planting STF-43 into an existing alfalfa field extends stand life, improving forage yield and quality. Mixed alfalfa and grass hay is an excellent forage for high producing ruminants providing a balanced source of high quality protein, easily digestible fiber and minerals.


For spring or fall planting, STF-43 should be planted as early in the season as possible. In areas with extreme summers (hot and dry), fall planting is recommended. A well prepared, firm seedbed is ideal. A Brillion seeder or a drill with depth control provides the best results. Plant no deeper than 0.5 inch. To extend a thinning alfalfa field, STF-43 can be notill drilled into the stand. When planting, cross-drill or stagger the grass with the existing alfalfa. Ideal time to no-till STF-43 into alfalfa is late summer or early fall to reduce competition. Seeds per lb 225,000 with seed rates as the following: full cultivation rate 25 lbs/Acre, broadcast 35 lbs/Acre, no-till 15 lbs/Acre, and no-till into old alfalfa stand 10-15 lbs/Acre.


For a pure stand of STF-43, 150 units of nitrogen is the recommended fertilization rate. When grown with alfalfa, 75 units of nitrogen is the recommended rate. All forms of nitrogen are acceptable, but ammonium sulfate has shown to be an excellent source of nitrogen for grass. Do not use more than 30-40 units of nitrogen in any one application.

To harvest, cut as soon as possible for the first crop, then cut every 30 to 40 days thereafter. Appropriate cutting height of STF-43 is important for good re-growth. After cutting, there should be leaves remaining.

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