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Remington Perennial Ryegrass Seed is one of our best varieties for summer production, standing the winter of WI a the heat of KY. Buy yours here!

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Product Description

Remington is a new intermediate maturing tetraploid variety specifically developed by Barenbrug for producers in the US. Remington was developed by doubling the chromosomes of a very winter-hardy ecotype from the mountains of Romania. Remington was tested (under the breeder’s code LpTROM99) in numerous private and official trials in the US. It shows exceptional winter-hardiness in Wisconsin, tolerance to heat and stand persistence in Kentucky and high dry matter production in New York trials. Remington is the key component of BG-24T.

  • Our best variety for summer production
  • Late tetraploid
  • Winter hardy 
  • Can go further south

Perennial Ryegrass

If you look at global grazing agriculture, perennial ryegrass is the most widely used grass for grazing in the world because of its aggressive growth and high forage quality. Use has been limited in North America but in the last two decades, usage has increased. With proper management and high fertility, perennial ryegrass can be persistent for 5 to 7 years or more in the Midwest. Companies like Barenbrug and DLF are constantly developing varieties that are better adapted to usage in the Midwest. All the varieties we select have excellent grazing tolerance.


In moderate climates or in hot, dry areas with irrigation, plantings may be made in the spring or fall. In areas prone to summer drought, fall planting is recommended. At planting, apply 35-40 lbs/acre nitrogen to ensure establishment. BG-34’s seedling vigor and rapid establishment make it a perfect choice for no-till seedings. Plant no deeper than ¼ inch. Proper stand management during establishment will promote stand life. Once the plants are firmly rooted, initial light grazing or clippings encourage tillering and the establishment of a dense sward.


For optimal production, maintain pasture in a vegetative state with scheduled defoliation via grazing or cutting. Once established, graze BG-34 at 6 inches down to a 3 inch residual or machine harvested at 10-12 inches. To jump start spring growth, apply 50 lbs/acre of nitrogen early in the spring. Then, periodic applications of 30-40 lbs/acre of nitrogen timed with rainfall or irrigation during the summer will maintain production. In addition, graze the pasture close, going into winter to improve winter survival.

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