Grouse Chicory

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Grouse Chicory from PGG is an upright uniformly broad leafed, drought tolerant, deep rooting, and productive, perennial herb, with improved cool season activity. Buy yours here!

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Grouse Chicory was bred at Ceres Research Centre, to provide upright, uniformly leaved chicory with a longer seasonal growth pattern from early spring to late autumn-winter

  • Excellent choice for farmers needing year-round production of high quality forage
  • Very active even in cool seasons
  • Extends the window of feed quality in dryer weather
  • Supports high clover content
  • Good grazing tolerance

Grouse Chicory is an upright uniformly broad leafed, drought tolerant, deep rooting, productive, perennial herb, with improved cool season activity.  Grouse has shown to be a fast establishing chicory better adapted to free draining soils and tolerant to most climatic conditions.  Grouse is not tolerant of waterlogged soils.  When sown as the sole species or in a mix, and grazed as specialist pastures, chicory has provided significant increased animal performance when compared to traditional pastures.  Caution should be used if sowing pure chicory stands into fields grazed by dairy cows.  Milk taint may occur if the stock should graze in excess of 2 hours. 

Grouse has proven to be highly palatable to all classes of stock.  Older repoductive stems of chicory are less palatable; therefore growth should be controlled by grazing prior to the reproductive stage in order to maximize productivity and palatability.  Continuous close grazing should be avoided as animals will tend to selectively graze Grouse over less palatable selections in a pasture.  To achieve optimum persistence it is recommended that chicory be rotationally grazed. 


Chicory is a perennial herb for grazing with protein levels of 18% – 22%. Because of its very high energy, Chicory boosts milk production and is fantastic for fattening lambs and steers. University trials indicate an average daily gain on lambs of 0.66 pounds. It’s an excellent feed as well for goats and wildlife. Chicory can be a very valuable addition to most farms if managed properly.  However, it really boosts first year production in new seedings of dryland pastures. It’s very high in mineral content, very high in digestibility, low in fiber and high in protein. Chicory gets blue flowers at maturity.


For best persistance, Chicory needs a 25 day rest period between grazings. Chicory is not very persistent if it does not get a 25 day rest period between grazings.


Grouse will establish rapidly from conventional drilling, minimum tillage and broadcast sowings. Grouse should be planted into a fine, firm, moist seedbed with soil temperatures remaining above 50 degrees (10 degrees Celsius) until the plants root has developed.

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