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Dairymaster Pasture Mixes from Barenbrug Seeds is formulated to support the high energy and nutritional demands of lactating dairy and beef cows.

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Product Description

Dairymaster is a premium quality mixture formulated to support the high energy and nutritional demands of lactating dairy and beef cows. It is also suited to meet the feed requirements of growing cattle. Dairymaster is suitable for pastures, haylage and baleage production. In addition to its nutritional attributes, Dairymaster is formulated to perform under grazing and traffic pressure of cattle. It consists of perennial ryegrass, recognized for exceptional palatability and nutritive value; endophytefree soft-leaved tall fescue, to improve yield and persistence; and meadow fescue for high digestibility and winterhardiness. Dairymaster also contains pre-inoculated Alice white clover – a proven, winter-hardy, grazing tolerant clover that increases the protein content of forage and also provides soil nitrogen through nitrogen fixation.

Dairymaster is scientifically formulated to provide a dairy quality pasture. Also very well suited for replacement heifers, lactating beef cows, and stocker operations. Dairymaster contains the best of all species: perennial ryegrass, fineleafed tall fescue, and meadow fescue. All varieties used are winterhardy, persistent, and high in energy and protein. Dairymaster also contains Alice white clover. Alice will fix Nitrogen as well as improve protein and energy levels of the sward.

  • Contains best of all species: perennial ryegrass, fine-leafed tall fescue, and meadow fescue
  • Also contains Alice white clover which will fix nitro-gen and improve protein and energy levels of the sward
  • Rapid establishment and persistent
  • High dry matter production
  • Exceptional palatability for improved intake
  • High protein and energy value
  • High fiber digestibility
  • Grazing tolerant
  • Dairy quality pasture

Pasture Mixes

Using pasture mixes on your farm is a smart move. They’re versatile and more forgiving to adverse soil and climate conditions than monocultures. Mixes usually provide better nutrition and yield across the growing season. However, pastures need good management to be able to optimize the potential. Regular mowing and fertilizing are just as important as rotational grazing in maintaining a proper pasture balance.


 In moderate climates or in hot, dry areas with irrigation, Dairymaster can be planted in spring or early fall. In regions prone to summer drought, fall sowing is recommended. Seed Rate is 25 lbs/Acre, no-till seeding rate is 25-30 lbs/Acre, and Broadcast seeding apply at a rate of 35-40 lbs/Acre. To ensure good establishment, a balanced fertilizer such as 100 lbs/acre of 20-20-20 (N-P-K) should be applied at planting. Dairymaster can be established via full tillage, no-till, or broadcast seeding methods. A well-prepared, firm seedbed is ideal for planting; use either a Brillion-type seeder or row drill. Maintain a planting depth of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Dairymaster’s exceptional seedling vigor and rapid establishment make it ideal for a no-till overseeding to improve an existing pasture.


Use the equivalent of about 40 pounds of N to kick-start the seedlings. Clip the pasture when the seedlings are about 6 to 8 inches high to encourage density. Do not graze until firmly rooted. Dairymaster performs well under rotational grazing systems and frequent cutting regimes. To maximize tillering, graze at 6 inches down to a height of 3 inches or machine harvest in pre-boot stage of maturity. Given proper management, Dairymaster will produce 5 to 7 tons of highly palatable and nutritious forage dry matter per acre. Manure or fertilizer in the fall will help with winterhardiness.

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