Chiefton Reed Canarygrass

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Chiefton Reed Canarygrass Seed from Byron Seeds is very wet and drought tolerant once established. Cover Crop seed in stock. Discounts available!

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Chiefton is a high yielding, long lived, low alkaloid variety adapted over a wide range of climactic and geographic regions. It is adapted to soils too wet for orchardgrass, bromegrass and fescue, but also demonstrates excellent drought tolerance. It is very cold tolerant and will withstand temperatures well below -30° F. Chiefton is adapted to a wide range of soil types, but its major use at this time is on poorly drained soils or those subject to flooding. Once established it can withstand flooding for up to 60 – 70 days.


For a Reed Canarygrass variety Chiefton has good seedling vigor. Never-the-less special attention at seeding is in order. Either spring or late summer seedings (by August 15th), on a firm, well prepared seedbed are satisfactory. An oat companion crop can be used for spring seedings, but early removal of the oats for silage is suggested. Do not use a companion crop for summer seeding!

  • Seed rate when seeded alone should be 14 lb an acre
  • Seed rate when seed with other legumes should be about 6-8 lbs an acre


Chiefton, as with other reed canarygrass varieties, should not be grazed until fully established. It is best to harvest for hay or silage one or two times before grazing. To maintain plant vigor and encourage rapid regrowth, leave 6 inches of stubble after mowing or grazing. Rotational grazing is the preferred grazing system. Spring grazing can begin once plants reach a height of 10 – 12 inches. For hay or silage, harvest at the heading stage. Nutritional value and palatability decline rapidly after heads appear. As with other cool season grasses Chiefton responds to applications of lime and fertilizer, especially N.

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