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Browsemaster Pasture Mix from Barenbrug Seeds is based on research that goat productivity is correlated to the diverse array of forage species.

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Browsemaster is a new grass seed mixture from Barenbrug for goat pastures. Research has indicated that the productivity of goats is higher in a pasture with a diverse array of forage species rather than a mono-stand. Browsemaster has the optimum combination of browse, forbes and grasses to improve the meat and milk production in goats. Regionally adapted, Browsemaster mixtures are available for the transition zone and southern United States. The primary component of Browsemaster is Barenbrug’s high quality chicory. Browsemaster also contains red clover, alfalfa and forage brassica varieties for protein and forage grass for digestible fiber.

  • Mixture for goats
  • Research shows higher productivity of goats in pasture with a diverse array of forage species
  • Contains forbs and grasses selected for goats

Nitrogen Fixation is a valuable attribute of legumes – producing nitrogen and therefore reducing nitrogen fertilization costs. However, legumes can only “fix” nitrogen when the proper Rhizobium bacteria are present in the soil. Therefore, to ensure maximum nitrogen fixation, seed should be inoculated with the proper type of Rhizobia prior to planting so the appropriate bacteria are present. Browsemaster legumes are pre-inoculated and coated with Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket is our proprietary coating that contains ZEBA, a patented compound that absorbs a minimum of six hundred (600) times its weight in water and increases healthy plant establishment.

Pasture Mixes

Using pasture mixes on your farm is a smart move. They’re versatile and more forgiving to adverse soil and climate conditions than monocultures. Mixes usually provide better nutrition and yield across the growing season. However, pastures need good management to be able to optimize the potential. Regular mowing and fertilizing are just as important as rotational grazing in maintaining a proper pasture balance.


An early fall planting is best using a Brillion seeder or drilled 1/4 inch deep into a well prepared seed bed. If a Brillion seeder or drill is not available, the seed can be broadcast and rolled firm with a cultipacker. Make sure weeds are controlled before establishment. Spring planting is possible but competition must be suppressed. Most of the upper Midwest is Spring planted. Browsemaster can be drilled shallow into or broadcasted onto a prepared seed bed. It can also be directly overseeded into a grass sward. When planting in the fall, it is recommended to plant at least 8 weeks before a killing frost.


Use the equivalent of about 40 pounds of N to kick-start the seedlings. Clip the pasture when the seedlings are about 6 to 8 inches high to encourage density. Do not graze until firmly rooted. Rotational grazing is best to promote persistence. Manure or fertilizer in the fall will help with winterhardiness.

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