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Barfest Festolium late maturing variety developed persistence and winterhardiness with excellent dry matter yields. Buy yours now!

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Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 30 to 40 lbs/acre Stock Status: Out of stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand: SKU: 490-FE12

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Barfest is a late maturing festulolium variety developed for better persistence. Barfest is winterhardy and highly palatable. It produces excellent dry matter yields in forage trials in the northern US as well as the transition zone. Barfest also exhibits excellent rust resistance and performs well in heavier soils. 

  • A more perennial festulolium than Lofa or Perun
  • Doesn’t start as fast as either Lofa or Perun
  • Very denseLate maturing 
  • Persistant 
  • Highly palatable 
  • Excellent dry matter yields
  • Rust resistant 


Festuloliums are crosses between ryegrass and either be a meadow or tall fescue. The variety differences  can range from short lived to perennial. They also range in their  agronomic traits from ryegrass-like to tall fescue-like. Another caution with festulolium varieties is aftermath heading of summer  headiness.  


Seed size is identical in size and weight with tall fescue and they mix well together without separating. Seeding rate as a nurse crop with tall fescue and alfalfa is between 2 to 3 lbs per acre. For pastures in the upper Midwest, we use 5 lbs per acre. For a pure stand the seeding rate is the same as tall fescue. This is not commonly done as stand life is approximately 3 years with the fist year being the most productive and declining from there on. However this characteristic with its fast establishment makes it an excellent nurse crop for alfalfa and tall fescue.


Barfest fertilizer requirement are intermediate between ryegrass and tall fescue.

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