Alice White Clover

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Alice White Ladino Clover Seed from Barenbrug is the first variety that successfully combines roduction (large leaves) and persistence, buy yours here!

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Alice white clover (Trifolium Repens) is a tall, large leafed clover developed for exceptional yields of palatable, high quality, high protein forage. It’s vigorous spring and summer growth makes it a good choice for cutting or grazing management. Alice has a greater stolon density than most other ladino types, allowing for better persistence under intensive, continuous grazing. Alice white clover will not lignify in hot weather like alfalfa, grasses, red clover, and most other forages.

  • Great companion with grasses
  • Large-leaved – High production
  • Winter-hardy – Persistent Tall, vigorous growth
  • High nitrogen fixation – Reduced fertilizer costs
  • High palatability and nutritive value

Alice white clover

Alice is a perennial legume which spreads through the sward with branching stolons. As with other legumes, such as alfalfa and red clover, Alice white clover has the ability to produce its own nitrogen through a symbiotic process with Rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules. Alice white clover is mainly used in grazing pastures for its high nutritive value (both protein and minerals). Traditionally, there are two types of  white clover: the small leafed and highly persistent varieties and the large leafed and less persistent varieties.  Alice white clover is the first variety that successfully combines roduction (large leaves) and persistence.


Ladinos can be broadcasted, frost seeded, or drilled into soil. Seed depth should not exceed 0.25 inches. Alice white clover will thrive on soils with a pH is 5.5 or higher. Alice white clover needs adequate phosphorus and potassium for establishment, persistence and growth. Alice white clover is especially responsive to cool, moist conditions. Alice white clover can be planted in the spring or the fall and grows best between 50 and 85 degrees. Because of its shallow root system, it is not adapted to shallow, droughty soils. 


White Ladino is primarily a pasture type clover. Alice white clover planted with perennial grasses should be grazed or mowed frequently (2 or 3 times per summer) with the final mowing in late August. Fertilizer should be applied throughout the year as adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus and potash are also important. To manage the bloat risk associated with Alice white clovers manage your pasture swards with no more than 10% stand of clover. Do not over-graze the grasses below 4 inches for this increases the clover concentration. For combinations with Italian Ryegrass and Annual Ryegrasses, red clover is a better choice.

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