Balin Bluegrass

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Balin Kentucky Bluegrass Seed from DLF Seeds is the most grown variety in Europe. Buy yours here!

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Balin Kentucky Bluegrass may well be the world’s most widely used Kentucky bluegrass-and for good reason. It has shown superior winter-hardiness compared to many other bluegrass varieties, and its relatively tall growth habit makes it a much better forage producer than the common bluegrass that most producers are used to. If there is moisture, it will stay green into the summer-almost as long as tall fescue.


Typically, 70% of bluegrass production is before June, hence its nickname “June Grass.” Balin extends the growing period as long as there is moisture. This high-producing bluegrass can thrive in a more relaxed management system due to its superior summer production. Early heave grazing prevents overmature, low-quality forage. and although Balin’s rhizomatous root structure allows it to thrive on intensive grazing, any companion grasses will be stressed to their demise. Keeping a stubble height of over 2-3 inches increases Balin’s tillering.


Most bluegrasses take 21 to 28 days to establish. Balin, by contrast establishes at 17 days. Seeding depth is 0.125 to 0.25 inch.


  • very quick establishment

  •  good persistence

  •  good winterhardiness

  •  medium green color

  •  suitable for extensive lawns and golf courses 

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