Atlantic Winter Barley

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Early maturity variety with high quality forage. Best winter barley for grain in the south. Shorter stature helps prevent lodging. 

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Bred to produce high grain yields with good disease resistance. Especially against leaf rust and powdery mildew.  It is a six-row, bearded variety with a short stature which helps prevent lodging. Best uses are; grazing, haylage, baleage, grain or straw.

Cut or graze at flag leaf stage before head has emerged. For soft dough harvest, direct chop and wrap. Barley  tends to be high in sugar with good digestibility. Works well when mixed with crimson clover or annual ryegrass. Best winter barley for grains in the south.  As a grain barley is 10 days earlier than wheat. Great for a double crop. 

It cannot take very wet areas or may winter kill.

pH Range – 6.0 and above.

Seed Rate 100 lbs per acre.

Seeding Depth: 1 in – 1 1/2 in

Atlantic Winter Barley Tech Sheet

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