AF7202 90-95 Day

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Buy Alta Seeds AF7202 90-95 Day- AF7201 Forage Sorghum from Alta Seeds is a shorter statured and earlier version of the fuller season BMR 6 forage sorghums.

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Weight: 50 lbs Seed Rate: 8 to 12 lbs/acre Stock Status: Out of stock Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Brand: SKU: 1096-FS13

Product Description

AF7202 is a medium season BMR-6 Brachytic dwarf forage sorghum. It provides high yield potential with tremendous forage quality of a BMR-6 without the issues of lodging. This hybrid works best in areas south of I-70 where humidity and disease tend to be a challenge. The tillering capabilities of this hybrid are unsurpassed, allowing for increased yields and ground cover. This hybrid is the answer for those in the South looking for a forage sorghum with high-yielding, high-quality, soft dough cutting with the potential for an additional cutting of equal yield and quality. 

  • Shortest season Brachytic Dwarf
  • More leaves and less stalk
  • High yield and quality
  • Superior tillering
  • Harvest 90-95 days after emergence
  • Brachytic dwarf genetics provide stout stalks for excellent standability
  • Exceptional digestibility from BMR-6
  • Great yield for maturity
  • Excellent silage choice

Forage Sorghum

Alta brand non GMO forage sorghums offer dairy and livestock producers an alternative to corn silage and multi-cut sorghum sudans. Alta brand forage sorghums are selected for high nutritional and agronomic benefits for today’s livestock producer. The BMR 6 genetics vault sorghum into the realm of super star forages for maximum fiber digestibility and increased palatability, making excellent dairy feed. We offer forage sorghum with maturity ranges from 83 day up to 110 days. Alta offers brachytic dwarf and male sterile products, the brachytic dwarf characteristics make sorghum an agronomically sound crop. (It can stay standing up until harvest.)  Energy levels are comparable to corn and protein level is around 10 to 12%. It is more efficient than corn, much less expensive to plant than corn, as well as higher yielding than corn in the southern Midwest, additional forage sorghum vs corn comparisons. 

  • Yields similar to corn silage
  • 30% less nutrient (nitrogen) requirements than corn silage
  • 30%-50% less water requirements than corn silage
  • Productive on marginal soils
  • Drought and heat tolerant, won’t shut down until 105 degrees
  • Later planting with similar tonnages as corn silage
  • Minimal mycotoxin concerns
  • No root worm or corn borer concerns
  • Reduce soil phosphorus loads
  • Less seed cost per acre than corn

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