ADV G2177IG Red Grain Sorghum

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ADV G2177IG Red Grain Sorghum from Alta is the first herbicide-tolerant gain sorghum in the world. Get Yours Here!

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Product Description

ADV G2177IG Red Grain Sorghum is an Igrowth Grain Sorghum developed by Alta Seeds. Igrowth is the first commercially available non-GMO, herbicide-tolerant innovation for grain sorghum in the world. The technology allows for pre-emergent or post-emergent control of broadleaf and grass weeds without causing damage to the crop, helping growers improve crop production and achieve better returns on their investments. The igrowth companion herbicide from UPL called IMIFLEX (imazamox) is the only imazamox herbicide registered for use with igrowth. 

Igrowth is a non-GMO product. There was no insertion of DNA from other species or plants into the sorghum genome. Igrowth is a naturally occurring tolerance found by genetic, screening of many germplasm lines and has global market acceptance. 

  • Maturity-  Medium
  • Days to Mid Bloom-  66
  • Seeds/bag-  600,000
  • Grain Color-  Red
  • Head Type-  Semi-open
  • Plant Height-  36 in- 45 in
  • Plant Color- Purple


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