Forage Use: Grazing Dairy, Beef, Horses, Sheep, Haylage, and Dry Hay

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Fertile Forage and Byron Seeds are supporters of the organic farming movement. We believe that there is a need for good, healthy forage for our livestock and good, healthy food for our families. It seems that others agree with us because there is an ever increasing demand for a source of unmodified food and forage.

Mixtures of high quality forages are critical to the success of livestock based farms. With organic farms, it’s even more important. Diversity is extremely important to defend against pests and to give a more balanced nutrition to herds and flocks. When one variety or species is weak, another component of the sward will usually be productive. Adding legumes to provide protein to the diet and nitrogen to the soil is also critical to productivity. All the KingFisher Mixtures have been put together for both agronomic performance and sound ruminant nutrition. We have confidence in all the components of our mixtures. As well, these combinations have been proven to work together well in our plots. Please select the mixtures that will work best for your soils, fertility and livestock.

In order to carry the KingFisher Organics label, our forages must meet our high standards for yield, palatability, quality, disease resistance, persistence, and other important criteria. And of course, it needs to be Certified Organically grown. However, we will not put the KingFisher Organics name on just any bag of seed just because it is organically grown. It also needs to be an improved variety showing superior genetic characteristics.


  • Please keep the bag tags for your organic records. These bag tags are used to confirm that the seed you used was organic.
  • Most of our conventional seed is also available as untreated, for those situations where a suitable organic variety is not available.

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Showing 1–24 of 116 results