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Grass is essential for a healthy, well balanced TMR. University studies continually re-enforce this point. Moreover, grasses are endorsed by top dairy nutritionists. Grass adds digestible fiber, high in sugars and nutrition, for optimum dietary intake. The dramatic results that grasses have achieved in the World forage Super Bowl for the last few years have confirmed what we, at Byron Seeds, already knew, that grass is essential to a healthy ration. Grass in a TMR makes economic sense. There is no better way to boost herd health, maintain milk production , and to reduce the cost of inputs. Byron Seed LLC has put together grass mixes that work well alone of blended with alfalfas.

Nutritional Benefits of Grass

  1. The NDFd (fiber digestibility) is much higher in grass, (55% – 75%), than in alfalfa, (40% – 55%), even
  2. The sugars in high quality grass are very beneficial to the microbes in the cow’s rumen.
  3. Adding grass to cow’s ration helps maintain body condition, herd health and longevity.
  4. The key is to plant late maturing grasses which can be easily harvested in a vegetative state.
  5. The protein in high quality alfalfa degrades so fast that the cow’s liver is overloaded by it. This may cause problems such as ketosis, fatty liver, twisted stomachs, etc. Grass helps prevent this.

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Showing 1–24 of 136 results