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Alta Seeds LogoWelcome to Alta Seeds ONLY Point of Sale Online Site.  Alta Seeds™ is a dynamic, new brand of forage sorghums offered by Byron Seeds. The Alta Seeds brand hybrids include those just released from Advanta, the world’s largest sorghum germplasm, seed research and marketing company.


The new Alta Seeds brand brings the latest technology and leading edge sorghums and sudangrasses to North American growers. Drawing from the Advanta worldwide research program, this new brand’s products are selected from the vast germplasm resources developed by well-known global sorghum breeders using the latest technology and breeding techniques. Alta Seeds product line is backed by highly respected forage and sorghum experts and tested extensively across the United States and Mexico. Alta Seeds customers can be confident in these hybrids as highly productive and top-yielding.


Alta Seeds is introducing the new generation of Brachytic dwarf forage sorghums, the highly nutritious and productive Brown Midrib forages, plus the photoperiod-sensitive, male sterile or dryland tolerant sorghums and sudangrasses to fit any grower’s conditions. Nutritional value, palatability and consistent high quality yields are the basis for the forage products selected to go into the Alta Seeds brand. Developments coming into the Alta Seeds brand will include herbicide tolerance, cold tolerance for earlier planting, salt tolerance, increased sugar yields and higher biomass.


Advanta offers exemplary research and development programs featuring unique germplasm for high quality forage sorghums, sudangrasses and hybrid grain sorghums as well as sunflowers. For more information on Advanta and its exceptional hybrids, bio-energy programs and more go to: For more information about Alta Seeds, visit

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