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Barenbrug has been in the forage and turf grass business for more than 104 years. Our introduction to the US market came in 1908 when the founding father of the company, Joseph Theodore Barenbrug, wrote a book entitled ‘Money in Grasses’. The books subtitle, “The experience of other nations from which the farmer, and especially the American farmer may profit”, set the stage for the Barenbrug forage philosophy that lives on today. We are proud to say that our company is still owned and managed by what is now the fourth generation of the Barenbrug family.

More than 100 years later, Barenbrug has become the global leader in developing, growing and marketing improved forage and turf grasses. Barenbrug currently operates research and marketing locations in all the major agricultural countries, including Holland, Denmark, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and of course The United States.

Over the past decade Barenbrug USA has allocated a significant amount of resources to further developing and selecting improved varieties for the different markets in the United States. Every year, our new varieties are tested for their diseases resistance, palatability, digestibility as well as grazing and cutting recovery. Farmers and seed dealers alike have come to appreciate the quality of seed that comes in the yellow Barenbrug bag.

Barenbrug’s recent developments in the area of beneficial endophytes, seed coating, persistence and palatability provide farmers and ranchers with unique varieties that allow them to realize greater profits.

Unlike many other seed companies, Barenbrug develops their own varieties and ensures these new varieties offer added value to the end-users. Our grass breeders continue to make improvements in all major forage grass and legume species which is what truly makes Barenbrug “Great in Grass”.

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Showing 1–24 of 55 results